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Top 10 Prompts for Video Game Developers

Top 10 Prompts for Video Game Developers

Over the past year, Open AI’s revolutionary generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, undoubtedly took the world by storm. In less than a week, the chatbot had acquired a remarkable 1 million users. By January 2023, it was estimated that ChatGPT had 100 million monthly active users, setting the record for the fastest-growing user base. Following the massive success of ChatGPT and Open AI, which was now backed by 10 billion dollars worth of investments from Microsoft, we began to see the emergence of several AI tools, namely Google’s Bard, which looked to compete with ChatGPT. In a matter of days, artificial intelligence, prompt engineering, and machine learning quickly became popular topics to discuss in many fields as people began to acknowledge AI’s potential, and it’s only a matter of time before these tools make their way to the workplace.

For several weeks, we’ve covered how AI tools could be implemented to assist video game developers in various aspects of their careers. However, the possibilities with AI are limitless and, at times, overwhelming, making it difficult for those new to or unaware of the concept to grasp and utilize its capabilities thoroughly. After all, AI can do much more than summarize text and answer questions – it can spearhead communication and learning, coding and developing, marketing and data analysis. It can even help you land a job as a video game developer! That’s why we’re shifting gears for the final week and covering a list of prompts that could be used to kickstart your career or journey in the field of video game development.

Before we start diving into each of the prompts in-depth, here’s a list of all the prompts covered in this article, so you can immediately jump right in and start playing around with the endless capabilities of artificial intelligence. Note that this list isn’t exhaustive, and these prompts aren’t arranged in any particular ranking or order. And, as always, feel free to fork any of the prompts listed here to alter their functionality to meet your specific needs!

  1. Help Me Sound More X
  2. Translate This Lengthy Text for Me
  3. Help Me Create a Story
  4. Explain Like I'm X
  5. Code Review and Improvement
  6. Optimize Your Job Description for Resumes
  7. Catchy Slogans for Businesses
  8. Resume Optimization for Algorithm Screening
  9. SEO-Optimized Subtitles for Your Product Subpages
  10. 10 Steps to Launch Your Startup

For Learning and Communicating

The prompts that fall under this category are particularly useful for helping video game developers communicate with one another more efficiently and for better understanding any complex topics or issues they may come across in their day-to-day work.

Explain Like I'm X

One of the most famous prompts on LowTech AI, the “Explain Like I’m X” prompt is simple to use and very powerful. With the click of a few buttons, you can easily have a complex topic explained to you by AI. Let’s use an example to better understand how this could work, specifically in video game development. Assume you’re a video game developer working on a fighting game and are tasked with implementing Rigid Body Dynamics to ensure the video game accurately describes real-world mechanics. Unless you’ve taken a physics course before, you likely have no clue what Rigid Body Dynamics are, and many of the examples online may be quite complex. Using this prompt on LowTech AI, we can input the words “Rigid Body Dynamics” and age (we’ll use 18 for this example).

Inputs: Rigid Body Dynamics; 18

Output: Rigid body dynamics is a branch of physics that deals with the motion and behavior of objects that are considered "rigid," meaning they don't deform easily. For example, a solid metal bar or a stone can be considered rigid bodies.

In simple terms, it's like thinking about how different objects move and interact with each other. Imagine throwing a ball in the air. Rigid body dynamics helps us understand how that ball moves, spins, and reacts to external forces like gravity or air resistance.

Rigid bodies can rotate, meaning they can spin around a fixed point. Think about a spinning top or a revolving door. Rigid body dynamics allows us to predict and explain how these objects rotate and how their movement can be affected by different forces.

This concept is useful in various fields. For instance, engineers use it to design buildings, bridges, and other structures to ensure they can withstand forces like wind or earthquakes without breaking. It's also used in video game development to create realistic movements for characters or objects.

There we have it; it’s as simple as that! With the click of a few buttons, AI was able to generate a simple but thorough introduction to Rigid Body Dynamics, which video game developers could implement to create video games that effectively replicate reality.

Help Me Sound More X

While having AI break down complex topics is excellent, communication is the key to success. Luckily, AI tools can help you better communicate with other developers, which allows you to express yourself clearly, understand others' perspectives, collaborate with others, and share your ideas, needs, and goals, leading to better cooperation, increased productivity, and positive outcomes. Using this prompt on LowTech AI, we can input some text and indicate how we would like to sound (i.e., formal, angry, sad, etc.), and AI will take care of the rest. This is currently the most used prompt on LowTech AI, so feel free to play around with it!

Translate This Lengthy Text for Me

Let’s admit it: not everyone in the world speaks perfect English. At some point in your life, whether or not you’re a video game developer, you will have to communicate with someone who speaks an entirely different language than you. This is common for video game developers, as large companies make many successful video games with hundreds of thousands of employees scattered across the globe. With so many developers working on these massive projects in numerous languages, it’s essential to communicate effectively and efficiently across different teams to ensure that deadlines and goals can be met. For lengthy emails and texts that may exceed Google Translate’s character limit, this prompt on LowTech AI can help you quickly translate text into your desired language so that you can be as productive and stress-free as possible.

For Coding and Developing

The prompts that fall under this category help developers code and develop the next big video games. They come packed with potential and are some of the most valuable and powerful prompts available right out of the box.

Help Me Create a Story

Building a well-developed story and unfolding it at the right pace is one of the most critical and challenging parts of creating a quality video game. Creating an immersive story no longer has to be a challenge, though, as AI has once again proven to be a powerful tool in the field of video game development and storytelling. Gone are the days when you needed to spend weeks planning a story, spend months drafting and revising it, and dedicate several days trying to get it to align with the narrative and themes of a video game. Using this prompt on LowTech AI, we can ask AI to quickly generate an immersive story that could be used as the basis of our video game (or even a movie if that’s what you’re interested in!).

Your AI Coding Assistant

Perhaps one of the most useful features of AI is using it as your coding assistant to help you write cleaner and more efficient code, allowing you to create better video games. Instead of spending hours debugging your code, trying to find out why a certain line isn’t working (you’re probably missing a semicolon), you can simply ask AI to review your code and provide any suggestions! Let’s input some buggy Java code into this prompt on LowTech AI to better understand how this could work.


public static void main(String args[]) {

float x=10;


int z=x+y;

System.out.println("Sum of x+y = " + "z");



1. The code calculates the sum of x and y and prints the result.


- The variable `y` is not declared with a data type, resulting in a compilation error.

- The variable `z` is declared as an integer, but the sum of `x` and `y` may result in a float value, leading to a loss of precision.


- Declare the variable `y` as a float or change its value to an integer to match the type of `z`.

- Remove the quotation marks from `"z"` in the `System.out.println()` statement to print the actual value of `z` instead of the string "z".

While this example was pretty simple, it showcases AI’s ability to read and understand code provided in any language and highlight any possible errors or improvements — all within a matter of seconds.

For Marketing and Business

The prompts that fall under this category help video game developers and video game companies build and grow their player base and stand out in the fast-paced video game market.

10 Steps to Launch Your Startup

Whether you’re new to the video game industry or looking to use your experience as a video game developer to build your video game startup, AI has you covered. Embarking on the journey to bring your startup concept to life is an exciting but stressful endeavor. Luckily, by using this prompt on LowTech AI, you can receive ten clear and detailed steps to launch your startup. Instead of working on the planning phase (though it is important), this AI tool allows you to dedicate more of your time and energy toward building and working on your startup, regardless of what country you’re in, the problem you’d like to solve, and how many initial funds you have.

SEO-Optimized Subtitles for Your Product Subpages

Alright, you built your startup and pushed some video games onto the market. Now, you must attract players to your website and encourage them to purchase/download your video games. Oh, what's that? You don't know how to build a player base from scratch? Well, that's where AI tools come in to save the day again. Using this prompt on LowTech AI, you can enhance your company's product pages to be more search engine optimized, allowing you to appear in search results more often. This will enable you to reach more players online through search results and opens the door for potential investments and sponsorship requests from larger companies.

Catchy Slogans for Businesses

This AI tool goes hand-in-hand with the prompt for SEO optimizing Your product subpages. Even if you can attract many players, it means nothing if your company isn’t memorable. Think about it; we all remember companies like Arby’s and McDonald’s due to their catchy slogans, even if we don’t eat at those places. Thus, by using this prompt on LowTech AI, you can quickly generate a catchy slogan for your startup to help ensure that your company is attractive and memorable.

For Landing the Developer Job

Finally, the prompts that fall under this category help current and aspiring video game developers land their dream jobs in the competitive gaming industry.

Optimize Your Job Description for Resumes

Until now, we’ve covered how these AI tools could help video game developers be more efficient at their jobs. What about those who aren’t video game developers and are instead in the process of applying to video game developer jobs, though? As we all know, the bar for landing jobs at top tech and gaming companies continues to increase, so you must optimize the job descriptions on your resume to give yourself the best chance of landing that dream developer job. Using this prompt on LowTech AI, simply input your job description and get a rewritten version optimized for resume reading algorithms, boosting your chances of selection!

Resume Optimization for Algorithm Screening

This tool is similar to the one above, but instead of optimizing individual job descriptions on your resume, it optimizes your resume for resume screening algorithms at specific companies. For example, suppose you’re looking to work at Nintendo or Ubisoft. In that case, you can indicate that using the prompt here, AI will optimize your resume so that you can pass the resume screening phase and eventually land an interview/get hired at your dream company!


Artificial Intelligence tools have revolutionized the gaming industry (and the world in general), empowering experienced and aspiring developers to be more efficient and stress-free. We’ve covered ten useful prompts for video game developers in this article, but the possibilities with AI are quite literally limitless. As time progresses, the power and presence of AI will continue to grow, so it’s essential that we spend the time now to learn and grow accustomed to it. If you're interested in learning more about how AI tools can be used in video game development, consider checking out some of my other articles and creating some of your own simple but powerful AI tools!

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