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Recap: Prompt-a-thon v0

Recap: Prompt-a-thon v0

Today in Cambridge MA, we brought together a brilliant group of MIT MBA and PhD students to learn about AI prompting and build tools for LowTech AI. In our short two hour event, we generated a ton of unique and useful tools applicable to work, academics, and life (some, as expected, were entertaining but not particularly useful). It was our first prompting event of many to come, and we couldn’t happier about the outcome.

Our winners

This prompt-a-thon was a competitive event with $100 in cash prizes up for grabs!

After a brief lesson on prompting and an hour of experimentation and building, participants presented their tools to group. Then, we polled the group on their top 3 favorite tools. When votes were counted up, A few incredible tools stood above the rest.

Winner: TIE

Runner Up: Also a TIE

Honorable mentions

(Pictured above: Tracey and Madeleine, our Prompt-a-thon v0 champions!)

Lessons from the event

For many in attendance, this 2 hour event was the most time they’d spent using AI tools. For some, it was their first time ever! In person events like these are an incredible opportunity to onboard more people into the magic of using AI powerful tools. Even without plugins, access to the internet, or the ability to upload documents, AI novices were blown away by the possibilities. If we can find tech-savvy people at MIT who have never used tools like ChatGPT, imagine the impact an event like this would have amongst a less technically inclined crowd.

We also learned a lot about the prompt building process and our product. We caught bugs, fielded suggestions, and have a healthy backlog of features people wish we had. I realize I’ve spent so much time building the product for people using tools, I’ve often neglected the tool building experience. I'm looking forward to making this a much better experience in the near future.

Future Prompt-a-thons

This was our first, very rough attempt at a prompt-a-thon, and it went so much more smoothly than anticipated. In the future, we’re excited to educate larger groups of budding prompt engineers and to use these events to beta test new features of the platform that integrate 3rd party tools, shared contextual data, document uploads, and more.

See you at the next one!

See the complete list of finalist prompts from the event here.

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